Algae World, a subsidiary of KYNC, is a company dedicated to well-being, for both people and the environment. Through production of algae for food, fuel and pharmaceuticals using sustainable and green methods, Algae World is doing just that.

Algae World's expertise

Algae GRowth

We use indoor systems with trade secret feeding formula's to grow high quality algae, not only quickly but also economically, which gives us the edge on competition.

Pure Bliss Organics

Pure Bliss Organics, a partner of Algae World, is a food company that focuses on producing healthy and organic granola and other food bar. Current Pure Bliss is preparing to begin production on algae infused food products.

Gold Stake Minerals

Gold Stake Minerals, a partner of Algae World, has sole rights to the location where they mine their minerals for use in supplement for general well-being. Current Gold Stake is preparing to combine production with Algae World.

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