If it Drives or Floats, Digs, or Flies, Builds, or Sits, Rolls or Dives,
KYN Capital Group is the best in Leasing, We’ll Tell you Why!

Capital-Finance Leasing

KYN Capital Group Inc has the most reliable Construction Leasing Equipment that is right for your project. When you Request a Quote, we will supply you with the detailed manufacturer’s specifications so you can find the lifting capacity, height, weight or whatever the specification that is critical to your application.

Asset-Based Loans

Collateral provided by borrower for, $250,000, minimum loan amount up to $100M+ loan amount. Each asset-based loan is predicated upon collateral provided by borrower for loan consideration. The collateral provided must be free of all liens and encumbrances, and must be marketable collateral, that is, the asset should have economic market value. Nevertheless, if the asset is already encumbered with a lien then the lien should have a LTV (low loan to value) ratio under 50%.

All asset-based loans go through a processing period of 7-10 business days.

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